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Clybourne Park
Written By: Bruce Norris
Rapture Theatre Company
Venue: Touring

First Performed September 2019

Directed by Michael Emans

Design by Ken Harrison

Lighting Design by Laura Hawkins

Composition and Sound Design by Pippa Murphy

Photography by Eoin Carey

ClybournePark19 - eoincarey_0352.jpg
ClybournePark19 - eoincarey_0962.jpg
ClybournePark19 - eoincarey_0496.jpg
ClybournePark19 - eoincarey_1459.jpg
ClybournePark19 - eoincarey_0240.jpg
ClybournePark19 - eoincarey_1173.jpg
ClybournePark19 - eoincarey_1547.jpg
ClybournePark19 - eoincarey_1535.jpg
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